First Aid, CPR & AED Services
AED Registry

Heart Niagara's Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Registry

Heart Niagara maintains Niagara's first-ever regional AED Registry.

Registering your AED will help make the Niagara Region a safer place, where residents can have peace of mind knowing they have options in an emergency.

Why Register Your AED

Registering your AED can be an incredible way to help your neighbours live safer lives.

Extra Option for Rescuers

Registering your AED will provide an extra option for rescuers in the community in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Readiness

Registering your AED will mean that rescuers can easily and quickly locate your AED in the event of an emergency, increasing the chances of survival for their patient.

Community Safety

Registering your AED will make you part of a connected network of AEDs within the community, providing a safety net for residents. In the event of an emergency, their chances of survival with access to community AEDs is higher than without.

Increase Patient Survival Chance

An AED can increase the chances of a person surviving a sudden cardiac arrest by up to 80% if used in the first three (3) minutes. Registering your AED can mean life or death for a community member experiencing a cardiac emergency.