About HeartCORE
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Why HeartCORE?

With so many fitness options out there, learn why HeartCORE might be the gym-alternative and health-centered fitness program for you!

Top-Quality Equipment

Industry-leading MedX equipment means that you'll have a flawless session, every time.

Energy Coach

Get fit with help. Our Energy coaches are with you every step of the way to ensure you reach your goals.


Why work out in a stuffy gym for an hour per day when you can take advantage of our 20-mins twice-a-week program?

Perfect For All Ages

Whether you're 14, or 74, HeartCORE can help you strengthen muscle systems and improve your cardiovascular health.

HeartCORE Membership Options

Heart Niagara offers a wide-range of memberships and passes for HeartCORE. View the available memberships and passes below.

HeartCORE Extra Value Passes

Heart Niagara offers special pricing on many programs and classes for HeartCORE members. View available Extra Value Passes below. Extra Value Passes can also be purchased in-person during your HeartCORE appointment.