Class Schedule

Class Schedules

Heart Niagara class schedules are designed to best fit a wide range of busy schedules. Please scroll down to see our current class schedules.


Stretch, as the name suggests, are all about setting aside dedicated time to stretch your muscle. Exercisers tend to focus on the workout and neglect the recovery. This class will increase flexibility and promote better health and core strength.

Instructor: Diane Corkum

Mondays 2:30-3:15 pm, Fridays 9:20-10:05 am

FUNctional Movement

FUNctional Movement builds strength with lower intensity training, to increase the ease of everyday activities. Exercises focus on movement: pull, push, squat, lunge, hinge, rotation, and gait.

Instructor: Diane Corkum

Tuesdays 1:30-2:30 pm

Coaches Choice/Peoples Choice

Coaches Choice/Peoples Choice is decides by you and your coach. Give your coaches some idea on any ne classes/activities you would like to try.

Instructor: Coach of the day

Tuesday 2:00-2:30 pm

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga Looking for a safe and gentle, yet effective yoga practice. This Chair Yoga course has you in mind. If limited mobility or injuries are holding you back from enjoying you body to the fullest, then you owe it to yourself to give this course a try. It's an amazing way to safely stretch and strengthen youe body.

Instructor: Diane Corkum

Wednesday 12:15-1:00 pm

Sticks that Travel

Sticks that Travel will assist you getting your 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week. Nordic poles allow your arms o help propel you forward and upwards, weather walking on flat ground or walking uphill. The poles can help you keep balance, improve stability, and increase your average speed. Route announces weekly.

To be determined by Group and Excursion Schedule

Healthy Challenges

Healthy Challenges will help you burn fat, gain muscle, inspire eating habits, and more. The Challenges encourage lasting healthier lifestyle behaviours within four-weeks.

Spring Kick-Start

Beginner Pilates

Beginner Pilates is a beginner level class is perfect for people new to Pilates. The 45-minutes workout will gradually build upon the Essential exercises in the Pilates Mat repertoire. The goal is to help increase mobility, body awareness and strength.

Starting January 31

Instructor: Paulina Zimakas

Wednesday 3:00-4:00 pm

Cooking for a Healthier You

A Cooking for a Healthier You is a 3-course meal of our HeartCORE's favorite healthy and delicious food to support your nutritional needs. Please advise of any dietary needs or allergies.

Instructor: Karen Stearne


Styx© Stretch will safely support you through movement, balance , and flexibility throughout your whole body. The Styx© prop acts as a limb during balancing positions, while bringing alignment to your spine relaxing your back and neck. Styx is your own personal assistant allowing you to press down, lift-up, and lighten the load when bending you knees.

Instructor: Karen Stearne

Tuesday 9:00-10:00pm

InBody Test

InBody Test is a device that used a method called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure body composition, which divides your weight into different components such as lean body mass and fat mass to assess health and nutrition. Bioelectrical impedance Analysis measure impedance by applying alternation currents on the human body.

Booked By 20-minutes Appointment