Membership Policies
Membership Policies

Here at Heart Niagara, we are committed to creating a transparent and structured environment for all our staff and clients to thrive in.  In doing so, we have created the following list of membership policy guidelines to help you understand and get the most out of your HeartCORE membership.  

Refund Policy
Heart Niagara does not offer HeartCORE Membership refunds under any circumstances.
Membership Hold Policy
Only clients who have purchased an Annual HeartCORE membership package can place holds on their HeartCORE membership.  

As a HeartCORE client, you can put your membership on hold for a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months at a time. Membership holds automatically expire after three-months. To request an additional hold, please contact our HeartCORE staff either before or on the day of your initial hold expiry date. Only 2 hold requests for every HeartCORE client are permitted per year.  
Cancellation Policy
Same day cancellations are accepted. However, clients should let us know about any cancellations as soon as possible or at least a minimum of 1 hour before the time of their scheduled session(s).

Same-day rescheduling is not permitted. If you cancel your scheduled session early, you can reschedule your missed HeartCORE session for another day. If you cancel your scheduled session late or miss your scheduled session without cancelling, you are NOT allowed to reschedule and will have 1 less HeartCORE session available for the month.