Cooking for a Healthier You
Crowded Table Cooking Classes

Crowded Table Cooking Classes

“A Crowded Table” is a community-based cooking class program at Heart Niagara built around promoting food literacy, good eating habits, and creating new social connections.

During each cooking class, participants are introduced to nutritious 3-meal course of lunch or dinner recipes and educated on the benefits of healthy eating.

At the end of each class, participants are also provided with educational take-home materials that they can use to put the knowledge they have learned during the class into practice at home.  

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A Crowded Table Holiday Celebration

Heart Niagara would like to thank you for your support in the last year. To celebrate the holiday season and another successful year, please join us on Tuesday, December 19th, between 4:30 - 6:30 pm at our Holiday Celebration.

Make it A Crowded Table and join us in eating together.

If you are RSVPing for more than one person, please leave a comment in the cart with the name of the other attendee.