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Cycle Safety Education

Cycle Safety Education

DSBN Cycle Safety Program
Heart Niagara believes that physical activity is one the most important cornerstones of healthy living. Cycling, although an excellent form of physical activity, can often be dangerous if proper safety precautions are not taken by cyclists and other road users.  

Heart Niagara’s Cycle Safety education (CSE) program aims to teach children about the importance of road safety through experiential learning & provide them with a channel to acquire the skills they need to operate their bicycle safely & confidently on the roadway, as a legal vehicle. We believe that when children become confident in their own cycling abilities, they are more inclined to cycle on a regular basis, which will encourage them to live healthy & active lives.

Bicycles are also an important part of today’s traffic scene, which is why safety should be the number one priority for the people riding them. By educating youth about bicycle safety, we are making a significant contribution to ensuring a safe environment for them to grow & live in!

Elementary School Bike Rodeo

In 2022, Heart Niagara entered a partnership with the Thorold Active Transportation Committee to deliver Cycle Safety Education “Bike Rodeo” classes to all grade 5 students in the Thorold region free of charge.

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HNI Grade 5 Bike Rodeo

Bike Rodeo Components

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Pre-Ride Safety Checks

Students are taught how to properly put on safety gear (i.e., wear a helmet) for bike riding and make sure their bicycle is safe to use before riding.

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Bicycle Handling Safety Skills

Students are taught important safety skills to use while riding their bicycles and given the opportunity to practice these skills.

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Fun Cycling Games

Students play cycling games designed to reinforce the safety skills that they have learnt during the bike rodeo session.

Cycle Safety Resources

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Ministry of Transportation Young Cyclists' Guide

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Ministry of Transportation Cycling Skills

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CAN-Bike Traffic Skills 101

Bike Traffic Skills

Ontario Road Safety - ABC Quick Check

Basic Bike Check

Bike League Basic Bike Check

2v1 Rule

Parachute 2V1 Helmet Safety Check

Bike Helmets 101

Bike Helmets 101