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Heart Niagara’s Reachable Roads Campaign is working to advocate for cities where every mode of transportation is safe and accessible for the user. Cities, towns, and municipalities where individuals have the option to take public transportation, use their own personal vehicle, cycle, or walk, are more likely to be designed for active transportation: the use of one’s own individual power to get from one place to the next. Complete streets are the bridge in which we achieve the ultimate goal of accessible active transportation for road users. In designing complete streets, communities are able to incorporate various types of infrastructure in one location, making active transportation the most accessible mode of travel.

The Reachable Roads Campaign will focus on the impacts of vulnerable road users, dangerous/distracted driving, and school bus/large vehicle safety. In focusing in on these topics the campaign will educate all road users on safe driving practices and how to share the road, all while incorporating active transportation into your lifestyle.

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Reachable Roads:
Main Themes

Reachable Roads has three main themes. Learn more about what they are below.

Vulnerable Road Users

In terms of road safety, vulnerable road users are groups of people who experience a higher burden of injury on roads that are predominantly utilized by cars and other motor vehicles. This includes pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, novice drivers, youth, and older adults.

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Dangerous & Distracted Driving

It is critical that you are aware of the risks presented by dangerous and distracted driving practices. Whether it be impaired driving, texting while driving, or stunt driving, the impacts of dangerous driving are detrimental to all road users.  It's important that everyone practice proper driving practices for your safety, and that of those around you.

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School Bus & Large Vehicle Safety

Road users around large vehicles must practice enhanced safety measures for the well-being and protection of large vehicle operators. Be cautious of school bus stopping rules, large vehicle blind spots, and etiquette for travelling around large vehicles to ensure that you as a road user are creating an environment for safe shared roads.

Reachable Roads: School Bus Safety
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